MADISON – Today, State Treasurer and candidate for U.S. Senate Sarah Godlewski announced endorsements from community leaders in Wausau, Wisconsin. Former Mayor John Robinson and Marathon County Board Member Jonathan Fisher added their names to a growing list of current and former community leaders supporting Sarah’s campaign to replace Ron Johnson’s nonsense with practical solutions.

“I’m honored to earn John and Jonathan’s support, they are both tireless advocates for their communities and the families who live and work here,” said Sarah Godlewski. “They have worked hard for Wausau and its surrounding communities and I share the same commitment. In Washington, I will work just as hard to create practical solutions that help our communities and address the kitchen table issues that Wisconsinites care about.”

These leaders are the latest in a growing list of endorsers, including elected officials and community advocates, from all corners of Wisconsin. Sarah’s campaign has also been endorsed by nationally recognized organizations, including EMILY’s List, Feminist Majority PAC, No Dem Left Behind, United Rural Democrats, VoteMama, Her Bold Move, and Democrats Serve.

Former Mayor Robinson made the endorsement announcement at a roundtable discussion in Wausau today focusing on affordable housing. Sarah participated in the roundtable to listen to Wausau residents’ struggles with affordable housing and discuss her “Cut Costs Plan” to make housing more affordable and keep Wisconsin residents in their homes.

The Wausau endorsements:

Former Wausau Mayor and Member of the Wisconsin State Assembly John Robinson: “Sarah Godlewski is someone who stands up and does something when she sees something wrong. She’s worked tirelessly to deliver for our communities as State Treasurer and I know she will do the same as our next U.S. Senator. I’m proud to support Sarah’s campaign because she’s a no-nonsense Wisconsinite and knows the issues facing Wausau families and would work on those issues as our next U.S. Senator.”

Marathon County Board Member Jonathan Fisher: “Sarah is a voice for all corners of Wisconsin, for communities big and small, and she’s the best candidate to unseat Ron Johnson. While he’s focused on raising taxes on hardworking Wisconsinites and threatening our access to health care, Sarah is on the road, in communities, and talking about practical solutions that will cut costs for working Wisconsinites. As State Treasurer she’s acted quickly to deliver real results, and as Senator she’ll fight tooth and nail for us, which is exactly what Wausau residents deserve.”

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