Recent research conducted by Global Strategy Group finds Sarah Godlewski has the right message, record, and profile to defeat Ron Johnson in the general election for US Senate in Wisconsin. 

Key findings from the recent poll of 800 likely Democratic primary voters in Wisconsin include:

  • With more than five months still to go until the primary election, most voters haven’t begun to pay close attention to the race and remain undecided.

  • Recent candidate poll numbers are soft, driven by name ID or recent temporary communications that are now offline.

  • The overwhelming majority of Wisconsin Democratic Primary voters care most about supporting a Democratic nominee who will defeat Ron Johnson in November.

    • Persuadable voters are 34 points more likely to prefer a candidate who can beat Ron Johnson over one they agree with on most issues (61% beat Johnson/27% agree on issues).

    • These voters are 10 points more likely to prefer a moderate candidate who will get things done over a progressive who will champion so-called “bold” ideas (51% moderate/41% progressive). Godlewski is that candidate.

  • After voters learn more about Godlewski and hear her message, she takes a 14-point lead over the rest of the field.

    • Traditional swing voters that determine who wins statewide general elections are most likely to move toward Godlewski after they hear her bio.

    • Godlewski’s home-field advantage in Northwest Wisconsin is real: Godlewski holds a 6-point lead over the rest of the field after initial introduction only, and provides her a competitive advantage in a crucial swing area Democrats must win if they are going to defeat Ron Johnson.


Global Strategy Group conducted a survey of 800 likely Democratic primary voters in Wisconsin between January 6 and January 13, 2022. All survey interviews were conducted via phone, using both landline and cellphones. The survey had a margin of error of +/-3.5%. Care has been taken to ensure the geographic and demographic divisions of the population of likely voters are properly represented.

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