Sarah Godlewski is going on TV with the first ad of her Dem U.S. Senate campaign, taking a shot at U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson for telling “us to take mouthwash to cure COVID.”

Godlewski’s campaign said it’s a seven-figure buy on broadcast TV, cable, and digital in the state’s major markets for the next several weeks.

The buy comes as Dem rival Alex Lasry, on leave from his job with the Milwaukee Bucks, has seen his poll numbers tick up after spending more than $3 million on TV. He has narrowed the gap with Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes, who has consistently led publicly available polling.

Godlewski, the state treasurer who has lagged behind Barnes and Lasry in recent public polling, opens the ad saying dairy farms are disappearing, prices are up and COVID-19 is “still not gone.”

“And what’s Ron Johnson done? Voted against new jobs and told us to take mouthwash to cure COVID,” Godlewski said.

Johnson claimed last year that “standard gargle mouthwash has been proven to kill the coronavirus.” A study found some mouthwashes may reduce viral load in the mouth, but that doesn’t kill the virus in the nose or lungs, nor is it a cure for the disease.

“I grew up in Eau Claire where we’re more interested in common sense than conspiracies,” Godlewski says.

She adds that’s how she’s run the state Treasurer’s office and that kind of common sense is needed in Washington.

“Practical ideas that just help people. Not mouthwash,” she says.

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