Today Goods Unite Us – a non-partisan political data company – and Quiver Quantitative (Quiver Quant), an alternative financial data company for retail investors, released two new political investment strategies on Quiver Quant’s website: the Republican Large-Cap Core Strategy and the No-PAC Large-Cap Core Strategy.

The Republican and no political action committee strategies have been designed to mirror the construction methodology used to create the Democratic Large-Cap Core Fund (ticker: DEMZ), which currently trades on NASDAQ. DEMZ launched using Goods Unite Us’s political data in November 2020.

“Having all three strategies will now allow for an apples-to-apples comparison of Democratic v. Republican S&P 500 performance and comparisons of S&P 500 performance between corporations that do–and do not–use political action committees to influence politics,” Quiver Quant’s CEO James Kardatzke points out.

If you haven’t heard about DEMZ before, it’s the first investment product that strives to replicate the S&P 500, without the GOP. It’s a fund that is designed to provide similar risk and performance as the S&P 500 but it only includes companies that have made over 75% of their political contributions to Democratic causes and candidates.

“Fundamentally, Goods Unite Us’s mission is to bring transparency to corporate political activities and to allow consumers and investors to align their monetary decisions with their politics and their personal beliefs,” said Abigail Wuest, CEO of Goods Unites Us.

Goods Unite Us’s political apps and website have been used by over a million consumers to shop and make purchasing decisions since the company launched in late 2017.

Quiver Quant is one of the fastest growing financial data providers in the country. Founded by twin brothers who recently graduated from UW Madison, Quiver is one of the top financial voices on TikTok and Reddit, and its website has hundreds of thousands of users.

The two strategies released today, the Republican Large-Cap Core Strategy (REDZ) and the No-PAC Large-Cap Core Strategy (No-PAC), when added to DEMZ ensure that investors from all sides of the political ailes can align their S&P 500 index fund
investments with their politics.

Using Quiver Quant’s website, retail investors will now be able to compare and track the performance, holdings, and other metrics for DEMZ and the new REDZ and No-PAC strategies for free. And soon we’ll be partnering with a top-notch fund manager to allow anyone to invest directly into the REDZ and No-PAC strategies!

“By releasing strategies that allow Republicans to invest in Republican companies, and to allow investors who are against money in politics to invest in companies that do not have or fund political action committees, we are helping to ensure that all consumers who care about where their money is going and how it is being used have investment options available to them,” said Ms. Wuest.

Goods Unite Us and Quiver Quant share a city and an interest in providing more transparency around corporate money in politics: how it’s spent, where it goes, and the interplay between the world of finance and government.

Both companies are excited to be working together in light of their shared interests and the many opportunities the partnership presents for their user bases.

“We’re excited to bring high-quality campaign contribution data onto our platform, and work together with Goods Unite Us to give our users the power to better align their investment portfolios with their political beliefs”, said James Kardatzke, CEO of Quiver.

You can review the performance, holdings, and other metrics for the DEMZ, REDZ, and No-PAC strategies by going her

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