MADISON, Wis. — Today, Governor Tony Evers held a press conference alongside Kenosha firefighters, Mayor John Antaramian, and former Kenosha County Executive Jim Kreuser. The Kenosha Professional Firefighters Union Local 414 endorsed Governor Evers’ re-election campaign. Governor Evers has also been endorsed by the statewide professional firefighters union.

Gov. Evers highlighted his investments in public safety and in the Kenosha community. During his first term, Gov. Evers has directed more than $100 million to public safety and violence prevention, directed $69 million toward EMS, and signed legislation that makes it easier for firefighters and most EMS personnel to get treatment for PTSD.

In his next budget, the governor has proposed an increase of $105 million in shared revenue funding, and a new $10 million public safety supplement plan to specifically help communities address EMS, police, and fire needs. Tim Michels, Gov. Ever’s opponent, has proposed cutting funding to high-crime areas,

The governor has also invested in Wisconsin’s small businesses, including the businesses in Kenosha. Following the aftermath of the unrest in 2020, the governor directed $4 million to Kenosha businesses, with each business eligible for $50,000 in recovery funds. Gov. Evers also invested $15 million into turning a vacant site into an innovation neighborhood that will be filled with housing, retail businesses, a technical academy, and more. This neighborhood will help create jobs in Kenosha and attract and retain young professionals.

Read excerpts from the press conference below.

Kenosha Firefighters Union President Ricardo Lebron: “Governor Evers has proposed increases in shared revenue to municipalities so that we don’t have to resort to referendums to fund our fire and police departments. The Governor signed into law a monumental bill that provides workers compensation treatment for fire and EMS personnel who were diagnosed with PTSD during civil unrest, and Governor Evers ensured the National Guard was here to protect us so we could literally put out fires. We could not have done our jobs if he didn’t do his job. Governor Evers has our back.”

Vice President Joseph Sielski: “I know that there’s only one person running for governor that will stand with the firefighters when it’s all on the line and that’s Tony Evers.”

Former Kenosha County Executive Jim Kreuser: “Leaders from both political parties praised the governor for his quick and measured response to the situation. Governor Evers has also supported Kenosha since then. […] I just want to say that it’s pretty sad when someone else runs for governor, and they don’t talk about themselves, they just spin lies about the current governor. We were there. We know what people showed up. And we know our Governor Tony Evers was there in the time we were most in need. He was there.”

Kenosha Mayor John Antaramian: “The Governor was there when we created the innovation center out of the Chrysler site — 110 acres of land that was polluted and has been torn down with the new STEM high school and incubator facility going on there. Those types of activities helped in supporting the Uptown area where the damage was done. All of that was done by the governor and his help to make it happen. And Kenosha is going to be a stronger community than it was in the past. […] Governor, I want to say thank you for all your help, and there is no question, you were there when we needed you.”

Governor Evers: “As governor, I will always do the right thing to invest in our fire, police, and first responders because by doing that, we’re doing the right thing for public safety. Wisconsin voters have an important choice to make in a couple of weeks and I appreciate everything that’s been said here today about my support for Kenosha and the importance of bringing our state and communities like Kenosha together — that’s why I focus on doing the right thing for the nation and our state. […] This is why the choice in this election is so stark — we can continue focusing on doing the right thing, or we can choose a radical and wrong direction for our state where our public schools and state support for police and first responders in high crime areas is cut. […] Next term, I will continue delivering on results and doing the right thing for people, just like we’re doing in Kenosha.”

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