[Madison, WI…]  Anthony Hamilton, a Detective with the Dane County Sheriff’s Department and candidate for sheriff, today announced the release of radio and digital ads across the County that contrast his leadership as a 14-year veteran of the Department versus the failures of politically appointed Sheriff Kalvin Barrett.

Detective Hamilton said, “Kalvin Barrett is engaged in politically biased policing, which is making Dane County families less safe.  I’ve been fighting crime for 14 years as a sheriff’s deputy. Now as a candidate for sheriff, I’m also fighting political corruption and retaliation. I won’t back down from fighting to protect Dane County families.”

The radio and digital ad highlight Barrett’s failed leadership and judgment including the recent disclosure that Barrett was partying with a wanted pedophile, John Brown.  Brown is a convicted pedophile, and had an open arrest warrant when partying with Barrett.  Brown was 41 years old when he sexually assaulted a juvenile (12-15). The FBI, US Marshal’s Service and the Dane County Sheriff’s Department were actively searching for the pedophile when Barrett and Brown were positing selfies on social media together.

“Kalvin Barrett was caught partying with a wanted pedophile.  Someone who his own deputies were searching for.  They posed for selfies together on social media, and Barrett even called the Department of Corrections on his behalf.  As your next sheriff, I’ll put criminals behind bars, not Party with them.”

The two digital ads below are part of a larger series of ads:  [see attachment]

The Anthony Hamilton for Sheriff campaign also released the scripts for two radio ads:

:60 Wrong Priorities 

Is Kalvin Barrett the sheriff of Dane County — or San Francisco? 

Two years ago, social justice rioters tore down statues on Capitol Square, broke windows, and beat a legislator — all because law enforcement was told to stand down. Police couldn’t even defend city hall; it was fire-bombed.

Soft-on-crime Sheriff Barrett supports the extreme anti-police agenda of the politicians that appointed him… Kalvin Barrett is so woke he calls the criminals in the Dane County jail “residents” instead of inmates.

Worst yet, Barrett is embroiled in ethics violations … he’s been sued for doctoring police reports and covering for dirty cops.

Luckily, there’s a new sheriff in town. 

Detective Anthony Hamilton will replace extremist political theater with proven law enforcement practices … to keep all Dane County families safe.

Anthony Hamilton won’t stand down. As sheriff, Hamilton will stand UP for safer families and communities…and take politics out of policing. (disclaimer)

:60 Pedophile Selfies 

A wanted sex predator convicted of molesting a child was roaming Dane County streets … the FBI and US Marshal’s office engaged in a manhunt for the pedophile. 

Where was the sex offender everyone was looking for? Hanging out with Dane County Sheriff Kalvin Barrett.   Barrett’s own deputies were trying to capture the sex offender … but Barrett was partying and posting selfies with the creep. 

The political extremist Barrett even called the Department of Corrections to go light on his sex offender buddy.

Our children deserve better. We can’t trust Kalvin Barrett to keep our families safe.

I’m Detective Anthony Hamilton. As your next Sheriff, I won’t party with crooks. I’ll put them behind bars.  After fourteen years wearing the badge, I’ve got the on-the-job experience to keep Dane County families safe.  And you can trust me to take politics out of policing.

Anthony Hamilton for Dane County Sheriff … policing, not politics. (disclaimer)

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