“This gun buy is not evidence-based policing. It’s political theater,” said Detec- tive Hamilton

The below text is a Statement from Anthony Hamilton, candidate for Sheriff of Dane County:

“Is this really what law enforcement in Dane County has come down to; performative theater at the taxpayers’ expense?

“On August 13th, $50,000 in taxpayer money will be wasted on a gun “buyback” so that a po- litical appointee can pull the wool over the public’s eyes. That money could actually make a difference if used properly, but the evidence shows that the planned gun buyback won’t work.

“My opponent originally said that they’re organizing this event to, “confront head-on the epi- demic of gun violence that threatens our lives each and every day.” He’s now saying that the money will go toward getting guns out of the hands of people that have kids. What is it? Are we spending taxpayer money to simply collect guns from law abiding people, or are we trying to confront violence?

“Decades of research rules out decreases in firearm-related crime after gun buyback programs. There is also no evidence that these programs reduce suicide or homicide rates where a firearm is used. Gun buyback programs do not work to curb street violence.

“I did the math. With $50,000 allotted for one operation aimed to reduce violence, I’d conduct a county wide Warrant Roundup or Stolen Auto Recovery instead.

“I could fund a dozen deputies for eight hours a day, on overtime, for an entire week searching out and arresting violent offenders with active warrants or recovering stolen cars.

“That would reduce violent crime in Dane County. I’d venture that a large number of stolen guns would be recovered too. This gun buy is not evidence-based policing. It’s political the- ater.

“Let’s keep the actors in the theater and let the cops get violent criminals off the streets,” said Detective Hamilton.

The below links are to studies that examine gun buy back programs:

Gun buybacks: What the research says




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