[Madison, WI….]  Sheriff Kalvin Barrett has retaliated against Dane County Detective Anthony Hamilton by placing him on administrative leave after Hamilton exposed Barrett and others in the sheriff’s department of altering law enforcement reports.

Detective Hamilton said he was escorted out of Sheriff Department offices on Thursday, and was told his leave of absence was due to disseminating “confidential information.”   Detective Hamilton filed a civil lawsuit in federal court earlier in the week exposing the sheriff and others of altering reports and conducting an illegal search at the Magnuson Hotel in Madison in March 2021.  Hamilton requested an investigation into the search but Barrett never followed through, which is in violation of Department code.

“Retaliation is part of the culture of Kalvin Barrett’s agency.  However, if my lawsuit is without merit as Barrett says, then what confidential information did I release that would warrant being placed on administrative leave?  No one knows because they will not share that information with me or my labor union,” said Detective Hamilton.

The unprecedented move of retaliation against Hamilton flies in the face of Barrett’s campaign team saying they “don’t believe the filing has any merit.”

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