MADISON, WI — Wisconsin Recovery Alignment Day, sponsored by national pharmacy benefit solutions provider  Serve You Rx, will take place at the State Capitol on May 3, 2022 at 9 a.m. The event will include resource tables,  opportunities to meet with state representatives and senators to advocate for recovery, networking with recovery  advocates from Wisconsin, and participation from the Wisconsin Faces of Addiction and Recovery Quilts.  Attendees with also hear from legislative speakers, recovery speakers such as local activist Tom Farley, and  special guests, including bestselling author Ryan Hampton, Wisconsin Senator Janet Bewley, and  Representatives Lee Snodgrass, Supreme Moore Omokunde, Jesse James, and Jill Billings.  

Two individuals will be awarded on Recovery Alignment Day for their advocacy work. David “Mac” Macmaster, a  lifelong advocate for prevention and recovery, will receive this year’s Hope of Recovery Community Advocate  Award for his excellent public advocacy and dedication to the advancement of the recovery community in  Wisconsin. Senator Janet Bewley will receive the Hope of Recovery Legislator Award for her outstanding  commitment to recovery values and the constituents she serves.  

“Serve You Rx supports Recovery Advocacy Project in this effort to bring an advocacy movement to Wisconsin,”  said Serve You Rx’s Outreach Program Manager Jessica Geschke, who will be providing opening remarks at  Recovery Alignment Day and also participating in the roundtable discussion. “We are focused on encouraging  social connectedness through partnerships and building a culture of resilience in order to build a stronger  foundation against the current public health crisis. As the substance abuse and alcohol epidemic continues to  grow, so do the number of those working together to strengthen and build recovery efforts for those individuals  struggling with the disease of addiction.” 

Serve You Rx representatives will be in attendance to advocate for those in recovery and announce the launch of  its new OAK (Overdose Aid Kit) Program. The OAK Program is a collaboration between Serve You Rx and  nonprofit Start Healing Now to combat the opioid epidemic and provide support to those impacted by substance  use disorder, including individuals, communities, and workplaces. Overdose Aid Kits, or OAKs, are boxes that  include the lifesaving drug Narcan, information on how to administer the drug in an emergency, and other  information and resources for those impacted by the opioid epidemic.  

To learn more about Recovery Alignment Day, visit alignment-day

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