Anna Hodges, retired Chief Deputy Clerk of Circuit Court and candidate for Clerk of Circuit Court in the August 9 Democratic primary, issued this statement after George Christenson announced that he was formally entering the race:

“I welcome Mr. Christenson’s formal entry into the race for Clerk of Circuit Court,” said Anna. “The people of Milwaukee County deserve a qualified Clerk of Circuit Court with real, hands-on experience leading court operations and expanding access to justice. I’m the only candidate in this race with those qualifications, having spent over two decades in leadership roles in our county’s justice system.

“Furthermore, the people of Milwaukee County deserve a Clerk of Circuit Court with a proven commitment to the role, not a politician looking for a new job. As someone who keenly understands the duties of the Clerk of Circuit Court, particularly at this critical time of reopening, I hope that Mr. Christenson finds a way to prioritize his duties while campaigning and apparently continuing to hold the office of Milwaukee County Clerk.”

The Democratic primary election for Milwaukee County Clerk of Circuit Court will take place on Tuesday, August 9. To learn more about Anna Hodges, the qualified choice for Clerk of Circuit Court, visit or follow her campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

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