The National Federation for Independent Business Wisconsin recently announced its endorsement of Ryan Huebsch (R-Onalaska) for State Assembly. Small businesses are known for being one of the most trusted institutions in our society. The endorsement noted the bipartisan agreement that 83% of Americans believe addressing the concerns of small businesses needs to be a top priority for elected officials.

“Small businesses in the Coulee Region have been through a lot over the past two years,” Huebsch said, “the restrictions put in place by government to cherry pick who can and cannot keep their doors open for business or shut down a business believed to be ‘not essential’ is unacceptable and should not be allowed to happen again. Having worked in small business over the years in the community, I’ve seen firsthand the challenges business owners face. Local businesses are the backbone of our economy employing thousands of family-supporting jobs that folks rely on to make ends meet. When I speak with local business owners, I hear over and over the concerns and frustrations they face. There is work to do to get us back on track, strengthen our workforce, and I improve the business climate in our state. I am looking forward to getting to work strengthening our local economy and keep Wisconsin open for business!”

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