(Onalaska) – After Tuesday’s primary election the slate of candidates is set, with Ryan Huebsch (R-Onalaska) selected to be the Republican nominee for the State Assembly’s 94th Assembly district.

“Although unopposed in the primary, I am grateful to the thousands of voters who voted for me tonight and pledge to work as hard through the election in November as we have since beginning this campaign in March,” Huebsch said. “As we go door to door in every community in the district, I’ve met so many people who are really concerned about the direction our state is headed.”

Huebsch said he and his campaign just exceeded 4,000 doors in an effort to meet and talk to every voter he can reach, but says he’s just getting started.

“I was born in Onalaska and raised in West Salem,” Huebsch stated. “I know the people of the Coulee Region and know they are some of the hardest working in the state. I intend to be a strong, conservative voice for each of us in Madison.”

Huebsch noted he has significant differences with the current Democrat representative, Steve Doyle.

“With the challenges facing each of us at this time, it will be important for me to show the contrast between me and Mr. Doyle and to show how things must change,” Huebsch pledged. “Business as usual in Madison has been devastating for many families. My opponent has been a part of that for too long. It’s time for a new, fresh voice to turn Madison upside down.”

The 94th Assembly district includes Onalaska, Holmen, West Salem, Bangor, parts of Shelby and most of rural La Crosse County. The general election will be held November 8th.

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