Madison, WI. – Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers yesterday killed by veto three bills
that were key components of the Wisconsin Sporting Freedom Act. The three
bills passed by the Legislature but killed by the Governor would have made it
easier for more people to enjoy our God-given resources and ensure the
government works better for hunters and anglers.

“With these vetoes of several bipartisan hunting and fishing bills, Gov. Evers
has sent a clear message that he simply doesn’t care about Wisconsin’s
outdoor traditions and would rather partner with anti-hunting groups to
trample our long-held traditions,” said Hunter Nation CEO, Luke Hilgemann.
“This Governor is no friend to the hunters, anglers, and trappers of Wisconsin
who contribute billions to our state economy every year. Hunter Nation will
be there to remind this critical voting bloc of this fact come November.”

The bills vetoed yesterday, from material released by the legislators sponsoring
them, include:

Pheasant Management Bill

● This bill would increase the minimum number of pheasants being
planted to 200,000 and would improve the identification of the
properties where the pheasants are planted, increasing access to

Wisconsin Brook Trout Bill

● This bill would set a minimum number of 100,000 brook trout that
would be required to be raised by the DNR.

Farm-raised Game Bovid

● Under this bill, Wisconsin hunters will have an opportunity to hunt non-
native bovids, some of which are already being raised on Wisconsin
game farms. The bill requires farm-raised game bovids to be fenced in
the same manner as farm-raised deer other than white-tailed deer.

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