Today, Andrew Hysell of Sun Prairie announced his bid for the Democratic nomination to serve the  46th Assembly District. 

“I believe that an extreme rightwing agenda is a clear and present danger to our way of life,” said  Hysell. “At the federal level, an activist court is threatening to end women’s rights. Here in  Wisconsin, candidates for governor pledge to double down on that mistake.” 

“I’m running as a Democrat for the assembly to stand in opposition to and fight against these forces  as they must be stopped if we hope to save our democracy and protect our freedom,” said Hysell.  “We cannot stand by while Republican legislative leaders draw legislative maps that disenfranchise  Wisconsin voters. We cannot stand by while elected officials question the results of fair elections.  And we cannot stand by while extremists call for the jailing of local elections officials who are  simply doing their job.” 

Hysell continued, “Many Americans are justified in the belief that government is not on their side.  While the anger is real, the solution is not to destroy the very institutions that protect our democracy.  Our true enemies are not one another, but instead the forces that seek to divide and drive us apart.” 

Hysell has dedicated his career to fighting for fairness and equity. His experience includes work for  the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids where he led the charge to protect children from the tobacco  industry’s influence and to protect everyone from the harms of second-hand smoke. As an Associate  Vice President for Save the Children, Hysell advocated for early childhood literacy and childcare  programs. As the Director of the Campaign for Healthy Kids, he partnered with First Lady Michelle  Obama’s Let’s Move! Initiative to combat childhood obesity. 

Closer to home, Hysell personally and financially supported Tony Evers’ gubernatorial run in 2018.  Hysell also worked with the Wisconsin Justice Initiative to support efforts to legalize cannabis and  expunge nonviolent offender records. In 2020, Hysell raised money and campaigned for Democratic  candidates across the state as part of Governor Evers’ Save the Veto project. He currently works on  the issue of veterans’ mental health as well as for a nonprofit cooperative whose mission to reduce  the costs of prescription drugs. 

The 46th Assembly District includes the Village and Town of Cottage Grove, the Town and City of  Sun Prairie, the Town of Burke, and a small portion on the far East side of Madison. 

Andrew Hysell graduated from high school in Milwaukee and Carroll University in Waukesha where  he earned a Bachelor of Sciences. He worked in Madison for Democrats in the state assembly and  senate and subsequently earned his law degree from Georgetown University.

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