[Waukesha, Wis.] — In case you missed it, candidate for governor Rebecca Kleefisch is standing with Wisconsin families calling out Democrats for their failures leading to record high gas prices.

An article in the Racine Journal Times featured a video on Rebecca’s Twitter feed, where she called on Tony Evers to denounce Joe Biden praising high prices as part of a “great transition” from fossil fuels while filling up her minivan.

Wisconsin Republicans are running for office at the gas pump

Adam Rogan

The Journal Times

June 8, 2022

Republicans aren’t just running for office at Lincoln Day Dinners, in TV ads or by marching in civic parades. They’re at Mobils and Kwik Trips and Shells. They’re campaigning at gas stations.

With $5.09/gallon prices in neon lights behind them, the gas pumps are an effective backdrop to build up support (and for photo ops and campaign ads) while lambasting Democrats — namely Joe Biden.

For Republican gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Kleefisch seeking to unseat Democratic Gov. Tony Evers, she accused Evers of being “part of the problem” in a campaign video Thursday in which she fills up what looks like a minivan and points to the price on the gas pump: $4.799 per gallon for unleaded gas.

Kleefisch, Sen. Ron Johnson and Congressman Bryan Steil of Janesville have all taken the opportunity to criticize professed “green” policies of Democrats that are playing a factor in driving up gas prices, and to do so in publicized visits to gas stations.

In response to Biden calling record-high gas prices a byproduct of an “incredible transition” away from nonrenewable polluting energy toward a cleaner future, Kleefisch said in the Thursday video “this incredible transition is nothing but painful for families like mine.”

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