PEWAUKEE, WI – On May 4, 2022, Local 139 of the International Union of Operating  Engineers commenced an unfair labor practice picket against GFL Everglades Holdings,  LLC. The company has unlawfully delayed and bargained in bad faith for an initial  collective bargaining agreement after its Seven Mile Creek employees voted unanimously  for representation by Local 139 in February of 2021. In the course of delaying negotiations,  the Company has further unlawfully failed to maintain the status quo and retaliated against  its newly-organized employees after they voted for the Union by failing to provide regular  wage increases. Local 139 President/Business Manager, Terry McGowan, said that Local  139 will “continue to fight for the employees, ensure that the company satisfies its legal  obligations to bargain in good faith and reach agreement on a fair first contract.” The unfair  labor practice charge is being investigated by Region 18 of the National Labor Relations  Board, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

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