It has come to the attention of the Executive Committee of the Iowa County Republican Party that there  is a crisis of leadership within our Republican Party.  

There is a betrayal of the will of the people by Speaker Vos and the Assembly Republican leadership  regarding the serious issues in the 2020 election and the recent act of discipline taken against  Representative Timothy Ramthun.  

Representative Ramthun’s diligent work has brought to light the profound lack of leadership (if not  direct complicity) on the part of the Republican legislative body leading up to the 2020 election cycle. It  is apparent that whatever the legislative body was busy with during that timeframe, safeguarding our  elections was not a priority.  

Representative Ramthun’s proactive engagement on this issue has also brought to light another issue of  perhaps even greater concern. This is the complete failure by the current leadership to listen to the  voice of the people. Speaker Vos and the legislative body have ignored the voice and will of their  constituents.  

There have been many, indeed, thousands of letters, phone calls, affidavits, resolutions, public  statements conveyed to Speaker Vos in the last year that all, in one way or another, made the will of the  people very clear: 

a) A thorough, complete, and transparent cyber and kinematic audit of our elections.  b) Corrective action taken regarding our elections process to ensure that all future elections  are free and fair for all Wisconsin voters and election laws are followed.  c) Lastly, that those who committed crimes be prosecuted and that any statement or  certification that was, once reviewed, deemed to be fraudulent be annulled. 

The course that Speaker Vos has embarked upon is one of great peril. He has, by this path, reinforced  the stigma surrounding politics in Wisconsin – namely, that a small group of self-seeking, self-serving,  ambitious individuals holds the reins of power and cares nothing for the plight, concern, or input of the  people they claim to represent.  

By openly refusing to act upon the will of the people, and now, by attempting to prevent other members  of the Republican caucus from heeding the voice of the people, he has cast himself as the champion of  the “Establishment.” This has made Speaker Vos politically toxic, creating a liability to the entire  Republican ticket and has rendered him impotent to accomplish anything of significance with the long  list of grassroots organizations he has alienated by his actions.  

Given this information, this committee hereby calls upon Representative Vos to immediately re-instate  staff that has been removed from Representative Ramthun in his act of political retaliation and to issue  an immediate apology.  

This committee hereby also calls upon Representative Vos to step down from his role as the Speaker of  the Assembly as he has, in effect, guaranteed that any number of incumbent Republican assemblymen  will lose their seat. Perhaps a step of this drastic nature will be able to demonstrate that the Republican  Party of Wisconsin is now willing to listen to the voice of their own constituents. 

Respectfully submitted,  

William J. Neal – Chairman  Chad Peterson – Vice Chairman  Sandy Alldredge – Treasurer  Executive Committee Members:  Jason Hlavac  

Steve Meudt  

Alexander Ruggieri  

Linda Schoenmann

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