(Green Bay, Wis.) – Firefighters in the Green Bay area say they’ve seen an increase in the number of calls that involve people struggling with substance addictions. That led the Green Bay Area Professional Firefighters Charity group to raise funds and make a $5,000 donation to the Jackie Nitschke Center.

“We’re constantly helping people when they are in need and, unfortunately, all too often it involves substance abuse issues,” said Ben Peters, Green Bay Metro firefighter/paramedic. “But it’s not only when someone calls 911 that we feel our help can make a difference. As community members, our charity organization provides support to important local programs that make a difference, like the Jackie Nitschke Center.”

The Green Bay Area Professional Firefighters Charity organization is made up of firefighters from the Green Bay Metro Fire Department, De Pere Fire & Rescue and the Austin Straubel International Airport Firefighters.

“It’s tremendous to receive a donation like this from the firefighters’ group,” said Michelle Pierquet-Hohner, Director of Community & Donor Engagement at the Jackie Nitschke Center. “The additional funds are appreciated as is their recognition of the community need and what we are doing to address that need.”

With its campus in downtown Green Bay, the Jackie Nitschke Center offers treatment, support and education to individuals and families through residential and outpatient services for those facing substance addictions.

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