Citing her dedication to a government that works for everyone, Jenna Jacobson announced her candidacy for Representative to the 43rd Assembly District April 20, 2022.

Jacobson believes that no matter who we are or where we live in the 43rd Assembly District, we all want quality, affordable housing, strong public schools and access to reliable internet. It is important that young adults, seniors, and families be able to find housing that works for them in the communities they call home. No one should have to make choices between everyday necessities, like food and medicine, and paying their rent. Instead, Republicans have wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on sham election investigations and rigging our voting district maps. That money could have funded affordable housing, public education, and broadband internet.

“Strong public education and access to resources like broadband internet are keys to Wisconsin’s future,” said Jacobson. “Every child deserves a quality education with well-supported teachers who nurture a love of learning and help them grow. Our public schools need to be fully funded so our children can thrive, our teachers have the resources they need and families know their children are receiving a high quality education. The past two years have taught us how vital the internet is to all of our lives. Everyone in the 43rd AD deserves access to fast, steady, reliable internet for work, school, and to follow their passions.”

Jacobson is currently serving her third term as a Village of Oregon Trustee, where she is Chair of the Finance Committee and the Personnel & Public Safety Committee. She previously served as the Vice-Chair of the Oregon Housing Coalition, the Fire/EMS Commission, and the Village Board liaison to the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Group. In her professional life, Jacobson was most recently a Housing Program Specialist, helping people get and stay in affordable, quality housing. Jenna met her husband, Kyle, when they were students at UW-River Falls. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Consumer Financial Planning from Purdue University, focusing on helping people achieve financial stability. In her free time, Jenna enjoys hiking with her family and exploring new places around Wisconsin. She and Kyle have three children who attend Oregon public schools. They have lived in the village since 2013.

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