Growing Support, Reliable Pro-Cop Record Stark Contrast to Josh Kaul’s Failed Leadership

[Balsam Lake, Wis.] – Today, Adam Jarchow announced the first phase of his “Back the Badge” campaign, laying out his reliable legislative record of voting for bills that were supported by law enforcement groups across the state during his time in the Legislature. In his four years in the State Assembly, Adam voted for nearly 100 bills that were backed by our incredible leaders in law enforcement.

Adam Jarchow has a legislative record that supports our brave men and women in law enforcement. This stands in stark contrast to Josh Kaul’s failed tenure, which has resulted in skyrocketing crime and harmful rhetoric that put a target on the backs of those in uniform.

“I am proud to back the badge, and that’s why I cast nearly 100 votes in favor of law enforcement-supported legislation as a member of the State Assembly,” said Adam Jarchow. “Our selfless law enforcement officers put their lives on the line for our communities, and ask for nothing in return – they deserve an attorney general who will ensure they have the resources they need to do their job effectively. My legislative record speaks for itself, and I’m beyond proud to support the thin blue line.”

The law enforcement organizations referenced in this breakdown include the Wisconsin Professional Police Association (WPPA), Milwaukee Police Association (MPA), Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association,
and Badger State Sheriffs’ Association.

Adam’s Pro-Cop legislative record resulted in the following changes to state law that were supported by law enforcement:

2015 Legislative Session

• Allowed for off-duty and former police officers to carry firearms on school grounds – fixing the unintended prohibition as the result of Wisconsin’s concealed carry legislation [AB 46]
• Shored up language regarding the ability for former law enforcement officers to carry a concealed firearm [AB 77]
• Required mandatory minimum periods of confinement for previous violent offenders who participate in criminal acts while in possession of a firearm [AB 220]
• Would have prohibited sanctuary cities in Wisconsin (did not pass the Senate) [AB 450]
• Funded the new Internet Crimes Against Children account at DOJ and authorized the AG to issue administrative subpoenas to an internet service provider to compel the production of information about a customer or subscriber relating to ICAC crimes [AB 666]
• Made it easier for the State Crime Lab to do their work when dealing with controlled substances [AB 776]

2017 Legislative Session

• Created four DCI agent positions at DOJ for drug trafficking investigations [January Special Session AB 10]
• Expanded the definition of “serious violent crime” and increased the mandatory minimum confinement period to five years [AB 88]
• Created new crimes for carjacking and increased penalties for repeat carjacking offenders [AB 92]
• Added all fentanyl analogs to the list of Schedule 1 controlled substances [AB 335]
• Would have expanded the definition of violent crime for the purposes of pretrial release, otherwise known as bail (did not pass the Senate) [AB 642]
• Created the Office of School Safety at DOJ [AB 843]
• Supported the first consideration of a constitutional amendment that would allow judges to consider multiple factors, instead of just appearance in court, when determining the amount of bail (did not pass the Senate) [AJR 93]

Jarchow’s Pro-Cop Record Continued:

2015 Assembly Bill 5: Created stronger victim intimidation statutes

2015 Assembly Bill 7: Codified State v. Patterson, 2010 WI 130 – ensuring a lesser-included offense for criminal homicide must stay within the criminal homicide statutes

2015 Assembly Bill 8: Made the use of see-through clothing devices and recordings illegal

2015 Assembly Bill 13: Codified the process for the return of seized firearms

2015 Assembly Bill 16: Created the human trafficking hotline posters advertised across Wisconsin

2015 Assembly Bill 27: Gave DOT the ability to raise freeway speed limits to 70mph

2015 Assembly Bill 28: Clarified the treatment of a non functioning traffic light as a four way stop

2015 Assembly Bill 35: Created the Yellow Alert system for hit-and-run accidents

2015 Assembly Bill 43: Gave law enforcement officers the legal authority to obtain a search warrant for a forced-blood draw on a first time OWI offender who refuses

2015 Assembly Bill 49: Repealed the 48 hour waiting period for handgun purchases

2015 Assembly Bill 53: Strengthened Wisconsin’s extortion and blackmail laws

2015 Assembly Bill 202: Provided harsher penalties for hiding or burying a body

2015 Assembly Bill 273: Would have created penalties for anyone who intentionally conveys a false threat of a firearm being used on school grounds (did not pass the Senate)

2015 Assembly Bill 337: Required the use of vehicle lights when weather conditions result in low visibility

2015 Assembly Bill 340: Cleaned up language regarding strip searches of certain detained persons

2015 Assembly Bill 341: Created a Class I felony for terrorist threats

2015 Assembly Bill 357: Made it a Class I felony to expel bodily fluids at a prosecutor – something already in statute for public safety officers

2015 Assembly Bill 365: Required law enforcement officers to report certain information to the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

2015 Assembly Bill 428: Made it a crime to engage in repeated acts of physical abuse to the same child

2015 Assembly Bill 430: Strengthened the rights for victims of certain crimes to be accompanied by a victim advocate

2015 Assembly Bill 432: Would have “permanently revoked” the license of anyone who is convicted of a fifth-offense OWI (did not pass the Senate)

2015 Assembly Bill 473: Enacted the Uniform Interstate Enforcement of Domestic Violence Protection Orders Act

2015 Assembly Bill 517: Would have required high schools to collect and report incidents of certain crimes on school property (did not pass the Senate)

2015 Assembly Bill 522: Provided DOC reimbursements to counties for probation, extended supervision, and parole holds

2015 Assembly Bill 536: Made fourth-offense OWI a felony

2015 Assembly Bill 545: Required pupils in grades 7-12 to learn CPR, CCR, and how to use a defibrillator

2015 Assembly Bill 557: Added Heroin metabolite 6-monoacetylmorphine to the definition of “restricted controlled substances”

2015 Assembly Bill 566: Increased penalties for crimes regarding invasion of privacy when the victim is a minor

2015 Assembly Bill 604: Allowed a court to suspend an offenders drivers license up to one year for failing to pay fines

2015 Assembly Bill 630: Closed a loophole that only charged parents who exploited the nudity of their child for sexual purposes – making it a felony instead of a misdemeanor

2015 Assembly Bill 667: Required DCF to develop and implement a plan for identifying and addressing areas in which there is a need for improvement in the practices used to investigate reports of suspected or threatened abuse or neglect of a child with a disability

2015 Assembly Bill 671: Would have increased penalties for crimes that incorporate the use of a drone (did not pass the Senate)

2015 Assembly Bill 673: Created the address confidentiality program at DOJ for victims of child abuse, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, stalking, and human trafficking

2015 Assembly Bill 737: Expanded what constitutes the crime of child sex trafficking

2015 Assembly Bill 745: Required stricter reporting requirements for agencies in the care of children who go missing

2015 Assembly Bill 808: Exemption of underage alcohol beverage violations for bystanders assisting victims of sex-related crimes

2015 Assembly Joint Resolution 44: Resolution in honor of the life and service of State Trooper Trevor Casper

2017 Assembly Bill 58: Exempted restrictions on law enforcement dogs who have bitten a person

2017 Assembly Bill 79: Created mandatory reporting of child abuse and neglect by juvenile correctional officers

2017 Assembly Bill 87: Increased the Serious Juvenile Offender Program restrictive custody limit from three years to five years

2017 Assembly Bill 89: Created a mandatory minimum confinement of three years for violent offenders who are in possession of a firearm while serving their sentence

2017 Assembly Bill 91: Would have given courts the ability to enter the judgement of conviction as an undesignated felony for certain nonviolent crimes (did not pass the Senate)

2017 Assembly Bill 98: Strengthened ignition interlock device laws in Wisconsin

2017 Assembly Bill 111: Would have created penalties for anyone who intentionally conveys a false threat of a dangerous weapon being used on school grounds (did not pass the Senate)

2017 Assembly Bill 114: Extended protections offered to LEOs, prosecutors, and judges from battery and threats of battery to them and their family to include all of these professionals within the state tribal communities

2017 Assembly Bill 138: Allowed safe-ride grants to be used for advertising of their services

2017 Assembly Bill 178: Authorized circuit court commissioners to issue search warrants for the force blood draw of first-time OWI offenders

2017 Assembly Bill 196: Created new crimes relating to credit card skimmers

2017 Assembly Bill 201: Expanded the list of driving violations that require attendance at a DOT & “vehicle right-of-way course”

2017 Assembly Bill 253: Expanded the procedures for foreclosure by sheriff sales state wide

2017 Assembly Bill 275: Strengthened laws against adults who permit or fail to prevent the underage consumption of alcohol

2017 Assembly Bill 306: Strengthened the procedure for tracking the sale of pseudoephedrine products

2017 Assembly Bill 351: Would have created uniform procedures for the use of police-worn body cameras (did not pass the Senate)

2017 Assembly Bill 381: Required a $25 annual voluntary payment for license plates supporting families of law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty – applying those funds to the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Memorial Fund

2017 Assembly Bill 389: Created a new crime for the solicitation of sexually explicit media from minors

2017 Assembly Bill 390: Cleared up a legislative oversight regarding certain crimes committed while operating after revocation and whether the offender knew their license was revoked

2017 Assembly Bill 400: Made the crime of patronizing a prostitute a felony instead of a misdemeanor

2017 Assembly Bill 424: Allowed Huber work release for certain offenders held in a county jail who are suspected of violating their parole, prior to their parole revocation hearing

2017 Assembly Bill 444: Permitted hospice workers with written authorization to transfer controlled substances to a drug disposal program

2017 Assembly Bill 475: Strengthened safety requirements regarding necessary lighting for animal-drawn vehicles

2017 Assembly Bill 486: Increased the crime of patronizing a child from a misdemeanor to a felony

2017 Assembly Bill 506: Would have expanded the responsibilities of the Law Enforcement Standards Board (did not pass the Senate)

2017 Assembly Bill 524: Strengthened firearm laws against those who should not be in possession of them

2017 Assembly Bill 540: Would have provided life-saving human trafficking information to those enrolled in commercial driver education instruction (did not pass the Senate)

2017 Assembly Bill 603: Would have cleaned up language to protect against “catfishing” on social media (did not pass the Senate)

2017 Assembly Bill 634: Authorized the AG to issue administrative subpoenas to hotels for crimes related to human trafficking

2017 Assembly Bill 666: Would have increased the penalty for sexual abuse of animals to a felony charge (did not pass the Senate)

2017 Assembly Bill 676: Would have classified county jailers as protective occupation participants under the Wisconsin Retirement System (did not pass the Senate)

2017 Assembly Bill 678: Expanded the definition of law enforcement vehicles that a driver must obey

2017 Assembly Bill 681: Limited the purchase and sale of any drug containing dextromethorphan

2017 Assembly Bill 690: Authorized counties to use an internet based auction for foreclosed properties

2017 Assembly Bill 691: Imposed minimum qualifications for third party bidders at a mortgage foreclosure sale

2017 Assembly Bill 825: Extended protections against the bodily harm or threat of bodily harm to certain legal professionals

2017 Assembly Bill 865: Strengthened the Address Confidentiality Program at DOJ

2017 Assembly Bill 953: Created a plan for the state to close down the troubled Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake juvenile correctional facilities

2017 Senate Bill 7: Addressed licensing renewal issues with Concealed Carry

2017 Assembly Joint Resolution 47: Supported the first consideration of Marsy’s Law – codifying victims rights in the State Constitution

2017 Assembly Bill 1033: Would have allowed a school board to share safety camera footage with law enforcement (did not pass the Senate)

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