[Balsam Lake, Wis.] – Today, the Supreme Court of the United States struck down a Maine education program that unconstitutionally discriminated against religious schools.

Because some rural school districts in Maine do not have secondary education, the state gave these communities the option to sign contracts with neighboring schools or utilize a state tuition program allowing parents to send their children to private schools of their choosing. Unfortunately, they wrongfully discriminated against faith based schools, stating they must be “nonsectarian”.

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled today in favor of two families who wanted to send their children to religious schools, arguing that this program violated their right to freely exercise their faith.

“Religious freedom is at the heart of the First Amendment,” said Jarchow. “Today, the Supreme Court ruled that parents who choose to send their child to a choice school, with state funding, may not be discriminated against simply because the school is religiously based. During the covid lockdowns, the veil was lifted on what many schools were teaching our kids. As a result, school choice has never been more popular, or more important. Discriminating against religious schools is wrong and clearly unconstitutional.”

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