highlights troubling record, warns voters of getting “Hageburned” again

[Balsam Lake, Wis] – Today, the Jarchow Campaign for Attorney General announced the re-launch of the website that shines light on Eric Toney’s troubling record of charging small businesses and repeatedly siding with Madison bureaucrats. The website warns voters to know exactly who they’re voting for at risk of getting “Hageburned” again – a reference to another political candidate who talked like a conservative on the campaign trail only to completely reverse course once in office.

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Eric Toney demonstrated a clear inability to use prosecutorial discretion when he charged small businesses with criminal complaints over Governor Evers’ illegal safer at home order. The website links to the criminal complaints, signed by Toney himself, and includes a newsclip from WBAY of Toney, saying:

“Nobody from public health to law enforcement to the DA’s office takes any pleasure in having to go through this type of enforcement, but there’s a public health emergency and we all want to make sure people are safe.”

The website also touches on a recent report that Toney again failed to use prosecutorial discretion when charging a small pet store owner with up to thousands of dollars in fines for possessing a species of crayfish that DNR officials couldn’t confirm the store had without doing a websearch. The store is mostly run by volunteers and has an annual income of $10,000. Despite attempting to work through the issues, the store’s owner said it falls on deaf ears with Toney’s office. According to Sharon Woolhether, the store’s owner:

“We have been told if we don’t fork over the money the District Attorney is going to file more citations or even criminal charges.”

“Wisconsin Republicans have already been Hageburned once by someone talking like a conservative, and we can’t afford to let it happen again,” said Jarchow. “It’s clear that when Eric Toney is faced with the choice of standing with hardworking Wisconsin citizens or the government, he’s going to choose the government. Wisconsin needs an Attorney General who will stand up to the bureaucrats in Madison, not another go-along-to-get-along politician.”

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