[Balsam Lake, Wis.] – With just one day until the Wisconsin Primary Election, Attorney General candidate Adam Jarchow recapped his campaign – laying out the reasons why he is the conservative choice to replace Josh Kaul at the Department of Justice.

Jarchow made the following statement ahead of Tuesday’s vote:

“I’ve been honored and humbled by the support our campaign has received from law enforcement, grassroots activists, and hardworking Wisconsin families. We’ve criss-crossed this state spreading a positive message about my plans to turn the Department of Justice into an agency that gets back to fighting crime, standing with law enforcement, and reining in the unelected bureaucrats in Madison. When the voters go to the polls on Tuesday, I’d be honored to have their vote.”

Entering the race in January of this year, nearly nine months after his primary opponent, Jarchow hit the ground running, receiving incredible support from sheriffs, chiefs of police, lawmakers, grassroots activists, and most importantly, the voters of Wisconsin.

In just eight months, Jarchow received endorsements from Congressman Tom Tiffany, nearly 30 sheriffs and chiefs of police, 35 current and former state legislators, the National Rifle Association, Wisconsin Right to Life, Americans for Prosperity, Ted Nugent, the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, Wisconsin Firearms Owners, and the Wisconsin Young Republicans.

In the first three months of his campaign, Jarchow raised $300,000, making him the target of Josh Kaul and his radical liberal allies who are afraid of facing him in the general election. This outstanding fundraising success gave Jarchow the ability to build a campaign infrastructure capable of taking on Josh Kaul and spreading the message of common-sense conservative plans for the Department of Justice. Jarchow continued his fundraising success, raising over $500,000 in the primary election.

In April, Jarchow laid out his Make Wisconsin Safe Again plan to protect the citizens of Wisconsin and put an end to our state’s crime epidemic. This plan included four proposals:

  • Work with the Legislature to fully fund our police, address hiring and retention challenges, and make Wisconsin the best state in the midwest to be a law enforcement officer.
  • Create a Violent Crimes Taskforce, composed of prosecutors from the Criminal Litigation Unit and special agents from the Division on Criminal Investigation, that can be deployed at a moment’s notice to municipalities who are dealing with upticks in violent crime.
  • Facilitate a statutory change that would give the Department of Justice original jurisdiction over certain violent gun crimes – allowing the DOJ to prosecute violent criminals that local prosecutors can’t or won’t prosecute themselves.
  • Transform the Office of School Safety into a stand alone Division of School Safety, allowing for more dedicated staffing and resources in the fight to protect the mental health and physical safety of our kids and teachers.

Throughout the campaign, Jarchow continued to spread a positive message of the real-world solutions needed to solve the many issues we face in Wisconsin, including:

  • Investigating every complaint of voter fraud
  • Creating a matrix on the DOJ website that tracks what our district attorneys are recommending for bail and what our judges are setting bail at
  • Working with the Legislature to reform bail
  • Creating an office of civil and religious liberty to ensure our God-given rights are always upheld
  • Prioritizing a DOJ budget that focuses on public safety
  • Holding the bureaucrats in Madison and D.C. accountable to the law – litigating lawlessness whenever necessary

During the three GOP Attorney General forums, Jarchow stood out as the only candidate with the breadth of experience necessary to take on Josh Kaul and reform the Department of Justice. It was clear that his private sector, results-oriented leadership style will prepare him to hit the ground running on day one – with no on-the-job training needed.

Jarchow’s winning message, endorsements, and grassroots support led to a six month fundraising report that outraised his closest primary opponent four to one – extending voters’ confidence in his campaign to be successful in August and November.

Wisconsin needs new leadership at the Department of Justice, and Jarchow has the campaign infrastructure and support to make it happen.

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