U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson’s campaign is up with two new TV ads knocking Dem Barnes on crime.

One spot is from Johnson’s campaign, while another is a partnership with the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Johnson’s campaign has declined to share most of the ads he’s been running this fall. AdImpact captured that new spot, which began Wednesday.

It features Ozaukee County Sheriff Jim Johnson and Waukesha County Sheriff Eric Severson, who say they’ve got the “real story on Mandela Barnes.”

They say Barnes wants to defund the police, but spent more than “600 grand of your money on police protection for himself.” They charge Barnes wants to eliminate bail for violent felons and “his administration” has also already released more than 800 criminals.

“Mandela Barnes’ policies are a threat to your family,” Johnson says.

The spot from Johnson and the NRSC, posted to his YouTube page, features a clip of Barnes saying reducing prison populations is “sexy.” It also began airing Wednesday, according to AdImpact.

A woman identified as Wisconsin mom Jessica Z. says it’s not sexy, but terrifying, and that the “Mandela Barnes administration” has released more than 800 criminals, including 44 child rapists.

“And as a mother, I don’t want Mandela Barnes anywhere near the Senate,” she says.

See the Johnson ad:

See the Johnson and NRSC ad:

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