Yes, this is really happening. Democrats have now loudly shown that if given the choice, they’d rather have society, themselves, or really anyone else be responsible for helping to raise the next generation.

Digging further and more broadly into this mentality, Democrats would clearly rather have more government involvement in the personal affairs of Americans and their own families.

Don’t believe us?

Look at all Democrats have done in the last year to give more power to the government and less to individuals. They have tried to enact the following:

Unconstitutional mask mandates for children
Unconstitutional vaccine mandates for schools
Dangerous ideologies being taught in public education curriculums

Spelled out in words… Democrats “don’t believe parents should tell schools what to teach”.

Which roughly translates to = the government knows how to raise your kids, not you.

If that wasn’t enough, the Washington Post lays it out nicely:

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