OSHKOSH – Today, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) announced that his campaign re-election effort raised more than $7 million during the second quarter of 2022 – triple the amount raised by the Democratic Senate front-runner in the same period. The Ron Johnson re-election effort received 53,638 online donations with an average donation of $38, building a strong coalition of grassroots supporters and small-dollar donors. In total, 96 percent of all donations were under $200.

“Ron Johnson has the support of regular people all across Wisconsin because he fights for them every day in Washington,” said Ben Voelkel, spokesperson for Senator Ron Johnson’s re-election campaign. “National liberals have been throwing every lie and distortion they can at Ron because they don’t want to talk about the Biden record of sky-high inflation, open borders and runaway spending that have our country on the wrong track.”


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