OSHKOSH  – U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) released a new TV ad today on his efforts to successfully secure tax relief for small businesses.

“Because of my efforts, small businesses like those on Main Street were able to stay competitive with the big guys,” Senator Johnson says in the ad. “I held firm so all businesses got tax cuts, allowing them to grow and create good-paying jobs.”

The ad, appearing in Wisconsin on broadcast and cable as part of a six-figure ad buy, begins with Senator Johnson noting even left-leaning outlets like Politifact say Democrats are distorting his record on tax cuts. The senator previously outlined these efforts in a post on his wisfacts.com website.

“Had it not been for me, Main Street businesses would have been left behind and found it very difficult to compete with the big guys,” Senator Johnson wrote. “I’m proud of my efforts and believe that without me, many small businesses would have failed because of the competitive disadvantage, or converted to C-Corp status and thus dramatically reduced the amount of tax revenue tax the federal government would have received.”

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