OSHKOSH  – On Wednesday, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) announced he is launching a paid effort to expose bias in the mainstream media and false liberal attacks being launched against him.

“For decades the American people have seen the mainstream media trade objective journalism for liberal propaganda,” said Sen. Johnson. “As these outlets continue to promote the liberal attacks being launched against me, I am going to take my message straight to the people of Wisconsin so they can hear the truth directly from me.”

The senator’s efforts include a new television ad entitled, “Media Advocates.” The ad is part of a statewide broadcast and cable network ad buy.

“Instead of being impartial, media outlets have become advocates for the Democrat party,” Sen. Johnson says in the ad. “They’re covering up the disasters [President Biden’s] policies created by attacking and censoring anyone who exposes the failures, but they can’t hide inflation, higher gas prices, and rising crime from the people devastated by them.”

Senator Johnson has also launched a new website, wisfacts.com, which will be used as a platform to cut through the litany of false attacks launched by liberals and amplified by their allies in the media. The site will be promoted through an organic and paid social media campaign throughout Wisconsin.

Wisfacts.com already features two posts from the senator, including one responding to false attacks about his support for Wisconsin jobs and attacks by liberals about his success as a business owner. Click here to read.

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