Milwaukee’s two mayoral candidates, Cavalier Johnson and Bob Donovan, sparred over police funding on WISN’s “UpFront” in their first joint appearance since winning Tuesday’s primary.

“This community has been misled into believing that we’ve got 195 or 200 cops as his ad says,” Donovan, a former longtime Milwaukee alderman, said on the program, produced in partnership with “It’s just not true. They’re not going to be out on our streets.”

Johnson, the city’s acting mayor, disputed the accusation.

“I didn’t mislead the community in terms of the funding we put forward to make sure we can replace the officers that we so desperately need in Milwaukee,” Johnson said. “I put forward comprehensive plans on public safety. My opponent’s plan is from half-a-decade ago, and it hasn’t been updated.”

Johnson came in first in the primary with 42 percent of the vote to Donovan’s 22 percent and significantly outspent Donovan. The general election is April 5.

“I’m asking him to be transparent and tell the citizens of Milwaukee who is funding your campaign,” Donovan said. “And what are they asking in return because the reality is people don’t give that kind of money — hundreds and hundreds-of-thousands of dollars without wanting something in return.”

Johnson called Donovan’s comments “quite unfortunate.”

“I have said, my campaign has said, that every person who contributes to a campaign or supports a campaign should be listed,” Johnson said. “I want that, but I’m not the one who controls the laws at the state level. That’s something you have to have to talk to the state Legislature about. That’s not me. What I can tell you is we’ve raised a significant amount of money because people buy into my vision, my vision for growth and development and safety and security and prosperity in Milwaukee.”

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