Retiring Democratic Representative Sondy Pope and Former Democratic Governor Jim Doyle have endorsed Chad Kemp for Wisconsin Assembly, District 80, along with Former Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney, Current Dane County Sheriff Kalvin Barrett and Former Lt. Governor Barbara Lawton.

“Having observed and met with the Democratic candidates seeking election for my seat in the 80th assembly district, today I am endorsing candidate Attorney Chad Kemp,” said Representative Pope. “I believe that Chad Kemp possesses a skill set that is clearly needed among the Assembly Democrats. As an attorney and one who is serving as President of the Verona City Council, Chad comes with the full knowledge and understanding of the law, how it is written and how it is applied. I am strongly in favor of sending a highly qualified, confident, trained voice to the legislature. I encourage you to vote for Chad Kemp.”

Kemp was humbled and thankful for Rep. Pope’s endorsement. “I am proud to accept the endorsement of Representative Pope. I am grateful for her years of service and inspired by the legacy she has left. I hope to continue in her footsteps and create new paths of progress to serve the people in our district.”

Kemp also received the endorsement of Former Governor Jim Doyle. “As a former Dane County District Attorney, Wisconsin Attorney General, and Governor, I am proud to endorse Chad Kemp for the 80th Assembly district,” said Doyle. “As a public servant, advocate and attorney, Chad is uniquely qualified to represent the district. It is vital that we have elected officials that are prepared to serve on day one to fight for healthcare, public education, fair wages and will protect our democracy. There is no other candidate that blends experience, knowledge, and strong Democratic values to get things done.”

Former Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney offered his support to Kemp. “Chad has a depth of experience that very few candidates have. His work as a community leader and advocate is unparalleled and he will fight for criminal justice reform and treatment for those in need at the state and local level.”

Current Dane County Sheriff Kalvin Barrett also endorsed Kemp. “Chad will work hard to bring people together and promote our shared values in the state legislature. He will passionately advocate for his district, and I am proud to offer my full support,” says Barrett.

“I proudly offer my endorsement to Chad Kemp. He uniquely boasts legal expertise, coupled with a clear understanding of the connection between public education, reproductive rights and access for all to quality healthcare. He brings rich experience in public service and community engagement for the 80th District.”

Pope, Doyle, Mahoney, Barrett and Lawton join the growing list of endorsers including State Rep. Shelia Stubbs, State Rep. Samba Baldeh, Dane County District Attorney Ishmael Ozanne, Town of Verona Chair Mark Geller, Current Verona Alder Christine Posey, Rye Kimmett, Kate Cronin, Phil Hoechst, Middleton Alder Lisa Janario, Former Democratic State Party Chair and Former State Senator Joe Wineke, Former Dane County Board Member Mark Opitz, Former Fitchburg Mayor Frances Huntley-Cooper, Former Middleton Alder Andy Lewis, Former Verona Alders Sarah Gaskell and Katie Kohl. Kemp is also endorsed by the North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters and the IUOE Local 139 Wisconsin Operating Engineers.

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