[Milwaukee, WI] – In case you missed it, Rebecca Kleefisch held a press conference with the Milwaukee Police Association and Wisconsin Fraternal Order of Police discussing her plan to address rising crime. Kleefisch called for comprehensive bail reform, surging police in high crime areas, and firing DA John Chisholm to address rising crime in Milwaukee.


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Kleefisch talks police, public safety plan in Milwaukee

Fox 6

February 2, 2022


Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Kleefisch touted her public safety plan in Milwaukee on Tuesday, holding a news conference with the Milwaukee Police Association and Wisconsin Fraternal Order of Police.


Both police organizations have endorsed her.


Kleefisch is promising more police in Milwaukee, and sending the state patrol into high crime areas. She also said she would fire Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm.


The Republican candidate discussed recent attacks against Milwaukee law enforcement officers; three were shot and wounded, one while off duty, in a two week span. 


“Our law enforcement officers are under siege right now, and nobody seems to want to stand up for them. Well, I will,” Kleefisch said.


“Particularly in Milwaukee County, we are seeing violent criminals with rap sheets a mile long being let go to further terrorize our communities,” said Kleefisch.


Kleefisch mentioned the suspect in the Waukesha parade attack, who was let out on $1,000 bail prior to the events that left six people dead and dozens of others injured.


“When we see violent criminals let back out on the streets and one of them mows down a Waukesha Christmas parade, we have far more than a problem,” Kleefisch said. “This problem needs to end, and in my administration, it will.”


“As your governor, I will fire (Milwaukee County) District Attorney John Chisholm.”



Kleefisch backs changing the state constitution to make it harder for violent crime suspects to get out on bail. She said she wants to take away some discretion from district attorneys.

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