[Waukesha, WI] – After conservatives across Wisconsin won local elections on Tuesday, candidate for governor Rebecca Kleefisch released the following statement congratulating them for their victories:

“Tuesday’s local election results show that Wisconsinites are fed up and want to take back control of their communities, schools, and courts,” said Kleefisch. “I am so proud to stand by scores of candidates who stepped up and put their names on the ballot to serve their communities and thank them for their willingness to serve.

“This momentum begun by parents fed up with excuses and failures will be the reason we will defeat Tony Evers in November. We won’t stop until liberals like Tony Evers, who don’t listen to parents, are kicked out of office and our voices are finally heard. Parents are fed up, and this November, we’re taking back control.”

Ahead of Tuesday’s local elections, Rebecca Kleefisch endorsed more than 100 candidates. She participated in local candidate meet and greets for local candidates in their communities. She joined Fox & Friends on Tuesday morning as polls opened to get out the vote.

WATCH: Kleefisch on Fox & Friends

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