[Waukesha, WI] – On Friday afternoon, Tony Evers vetoed 43 bills that would make Wisconsin’s streets safer, our elections more secure and give parents back control of their kids’ schools. Rebecca Kleefisch released the following statement in response to Evers’ weak leadership:


“With today’s vetoes, Tony Evers has once again shown us he doesn’t care about securing our elections, making our streets safer, or letting Wisconsin parents have a say. It makes you wonder who is in charge: Tony Evers or liberal special interests?


“Tuesday’s elections were devastating for Wisconsin liberals and showed that voters want to go in a different direction. These vetoes prove that Tony Evers will continue to double down on the same failed liberal policies that leave our schools failing, our streets less safe, and our elections less secure. It’s time for Wisconsinites to take back control, and as governor I plan to do exactly that, and give it back to the people.”

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