[Green Bay, Wis.] — In case you missed it, former U.S. Ambassador and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley joined candidate for governor Rebecca Kleefisch in studio on the Regular Joe Show on Tuesday morning, talking about how the pandemic highlighted the need for conservative governance.


Check out some highlights from the interview:


Ambassador Nikki Haley: “The reason I came is because if ever there was a time we saw where governors mattered, it was during COVID. And we needed governors who understood the importance of freedom, and they understood the importance of information and letting people make up their own decisions and fighting the unions and keeping our kids in schools. And that’s why Republicans matter.”


“I wanted to come to Wisconsin and support a pro-life, pro 2nd Amendment, pro-freedom, conservative union buster, and that’s Rebecca Kleefisch for governor… I’ll just take you back to a great conservative woman, Margaret Thatcher, who said, ‘if you want something said, ask a man, if you want something done, ask a woman’ — and you’ve got a great woman here that I think will be a fantastic governor for the state of Wisconsin.”


Rebecca Kleefisch: “We need to make sure that executive power is curtailed to the point where individual rights and liberties are not steamrolled. We also need to roll back the powers of county health departments. In De Pere, right here in your listening audience you saw cops go out and bust up an outdoor church service. You know, this is a 1st Amendment right being trampled, and this is Tony Evers’ weak and failed leadership. What we need to do is protect the constitution, protect individual rights and liberties, and as governor, that’s exactly what you’re going to see me do.”


Recently a bombshell report by Wisconsin Spotlight exposed the emails between Gov. Tony Evers’ office and Wisconsin teachers’ union bosses regarding closing down the state during the COVID pandemic.


Listen to the Regular Joe Show podcast segments here and here.

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