[Waukesha, WI] – Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Kleefisch released the following statement Monday after the Board of Regents announced its decision to hire Dr. Jennifer Mnookin to be the next UW–Madison Chancellor:

“The Board of Regents’ decision to hire a woke radical like Dr. Mnookin is infuriating. Our universities need to focus on building a strong economy and workforce — not force-feeding liberal ideology to Wisconsin students.

“Unfortunately, decisions like this from the Board of Regents make Wisconsin moms and dads consider sending their kids out of state where they can get an honest education. This ridiculous mindset demonstrates why we need to drain the Madison swamp — to get away from this crazy groupthink.

“As governor… and a Badger alum, I will prioritize appointing Board of Regents members who will value 21st Century skills and free speech — unlike Tony Evers, who caves to the liberal education elitists every time.”

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