[Waukesha, Wis.] — On Tuesday, the Rebecca for Governor campaign announced the hiring of seven new staff as part of its statewide “Take Back Wisconsin” field program. The initial 10-person field program will go door to door across the state, organizing grassroots activists, identifying supporters, and spreading Rebecca Kleefisch’s message.


“Our team is ready to work, and I’m thrilled we have the organization and resources necessary to build a strong field team that will carry our pro-work, pro-parent, and pro-police message throughout Wisconsin,” said Rebecca Kleefisch.


“Political campaigns are not won with just slick television ads, never-ending mail pieces, and overpaid consultants. Campaigns in Wisconsin are won by putting boots on the ground and having one-on-one conversations with voters in their communities. We have the only campaign with a grassroots political operation capable of defeating Tony Evers and Wisconsin Democrats this fall.”


The field program will work statewide and continue to grow over the next several weeks. The program will be based out of the campaign’s Waukesha headquarters with staff placed strategically around the state.


Rebecca is no stranger to building winning networks of activists to win Wisconsin elections. This spring, she helped support the field efforts of local elections across Wisconsin. As a result, more than 80 grassroots candidates Rebecca supported won.


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