[Waukesha, Wis.] – On Tuesday, Rebecca Kleefisch’s campaign for governor launched a new ad “Serve and Protect.” The ad features Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling discussing Wisconsin’s out-of-control crime and why he and other law enforcement officials are supporting Rebecca for governor.

Watch the advertisement here, and find the transcript below:

I’ve been involved in law enforcement for over 27 years, and it’s my honor to serve and protect. 

Crime has never been worse in Wisconsin. Law enforcement cannot do their jobs when they are being undermined by politicians like Joe Biden and Tony Evers. 

That’s why over 40 sheriffs, the Fraternal Order of Police, and the Milwaukee Police Officers Association have endorsed Rebecca Kleefisch for governor. 

We trust Rebecca Kleefisch to support our police and protect your families and neighborhoods.


Rebecca is law enforcement’s choice for governor. She has been endorsed by a majority of Wisconsin’s sheriffs, the Wisconsin Fraternal Order of Police, the Kenosha Proffessional Police Association Board, and the Milwaukee Police Association. Learn more about Rebecca’s plan to crack down on crime in Wisconsin here.

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