[Waukesha, Wis.] — Rebecca Kleefisch dominated another GOP primary debate on Wednesday morning aired on the Dan O’Donnell Show on 1130 WISN, proving there is only one conservative fighter who can defeat Tony Evers this fall.

“Rebecca Kleefisch won another debate by demonstrating that she’s the only candidate with the specific plans and the ability to defeat Tony Evers and deliver conservative reform to Wisconsin,” said Charles Nichols, Rebecca for Governor campaign manager. “Conservatives have a clear choice in the race for governor: a proven conservative fighter who took on the left and won in Rebecca Kleefisch, or a candidate whose company fought against Walker/Kleefisch conservative reform.”

Rebecca Kleefisch has the record and the plan to get Wisconsin back on track: 

  • Rebecca Kleefisch stood up to the mob and supported Act 10 while battling cancer, eventually saving the state more than $15 billion.
  • Rebecca Kleefisch stood up for Wisconsin families and helped deliver massive tax reform. Taxpayers saved more than $17 billion in state and local taxes thanks to bills passed while she was lieutenant governor.
  • Rebecca Kleefisch is the only candidate with the plans to get Wisconsin back on track, read more about her policy plans for Wisconsin here.

Tim Michels and his company fought against Walker/Kleefisch conservative reforms: 

  • Tim Michels led or was a member of three separate groups that tried to raise Wisconsin’s gas tax.
  • An organization Michels was president of lobbied against a bill banning illegal immigrants from working on projects paid by taxpayer-funded contracts.
  • Michels Corp. was a member of an organization that only opposed right to work and prevailing wage repeal. His company even fired an employee for refusing to pay union dues.
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