[Waukesha, Wis.] — Rebecca Kleefisch is the only candidate for governor positioned to beat Tony Evers, according to the Marquette Law Poll released on Wednesday. In the head to heads against Evers, Kleefisch polled within the margin of error, unlike any other GOP candidate.


“Rebecca Kleefisch is the best Republican candidate to beat Tony Evers this fall,” said Charles Nichols, campaign manager for Rebecca for Governor. “As a middle-class public school mom, Rebecca can relate to the important issues Wisconsin families and workers are facing today. She knows firsthand how the liberal Biden/Evers policies on inflation, crime, education, and the economy are devastating our state, and as governor, she’ll help Wisconsinites take back control.”


Notably, Rebecca pulls more independents than any other primary candidate. She does 12 points better with independents in a race against Evers compared to Tim Michels. Winning independents will be the key to a conservative victory in November.

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