[Waukesha, Wis.] — Newly unearthed emails by Wisconsin Spotlight outline how the top teachers’ union in Wisconsin influenced Gov. Tony Evers to close schools during the pandemic and veto School Choice expansion. Candidate for governor Rebecca Kleefisch released the following statement in response:


“Wisconsin needs a governor who spends time prioritizing kids and listening to parents, unlike Tony Evers who lets union bosses decide when to lock kids out of classrooms. As a public school mom, when I’m governor, I’ll join other parents in standing up for our kids and standing up to the teachers’ union bosses. Our students deserve to come first — not union bosses.


“Wisconsin parents deserve choices for their kids’ educations. We will no longer accept the backward one-size-fits-all educational monopoly that Evers and his union boss allies support. As governor, I will enact universal school choice and continue to support parents taking back control of their school boards.”


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