[Waukesha, Wis.] — As crime surges in Milwaukee — the city with the fourth-highest homicide increase rate in America — candidate for Wisconsin governor Rebecca Kleefisch rode along with the Milwaukee Police Department on Thursday to see how crime is impacting the city.


“As Tony Evers continues to ignore rising crime, I thought it was crucial to get a firsthand look at how crime is impacting the city of Milwaukee and the men and women who protect us every day,” Rebecca Kleefisch said. “During the ride along, we were first on the scene of a shooting, but because police are short-staffed, only half of the squads that would have typically responded were able to assist. It’s clear that strong leadership is needed to get law enforcement the resources they need to crack down on crime. As governor, I’ll make safety a top priority.”


Rebecca Kleefisch has a plan as governor to reduce crime that includes hiring 1,000 more cops, tough-on-crime bail and sentencing reform, appointing judges who will follow the law and Constitution, and firing Milwaukee DA John Chisholm. Read more about her plan here.


Rebecca Kleefisch is law enforcement’s choice for governor. Kleefisch is endorsed by the majority of Wisconsin sheriffs, the Milwaukee Police Association, the Wisconsin Fraternal Order of Police, and the Kenosha Professional Police Association Board.


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