[Waukesha, WI] – In a video message to her supporters on Monday, Rebecca Kleefisch announced, as Governor, she will break up Milwaukee Public Schools into smaller, separate districts. Legislation was introduced in the Wisconsin Legislature on Friday. Kleefisch has previously said she favors policies that give parents more say in their children’s education – including an aggressive expansion of school choice and true classroom transparency.

Watch Kleefisch’s video on her support for the plan here or find excerpts of her remarks below. 

“Our communities and our future depends on the strength of Wisconsin’s schools. Our kids deserve the best education we can possibly afford, and right now, not all of Wisconsin’s children are getting it. Among the children suffering the most? Kids stuck in failing schools in Milwaukee.” 


“I refuse to accept more of the status quo from the education establishment that continues to fail Milwaukee’s children. Milwaukee’s failures have gone on for way too long. It’s time to take action and do the one thing people have talked about for years but never had the backbone to do. But this is for children. That’s why as governor, I will break up the Milwaukee Public School District and form smaller school districts that will better serve our kids.”


“Milwaukee’s kids and parents deserve better. It’s time to form smaller school districts that can better serve these kids and parents. Wisconsin’s future is as bright as our kids, and it’s well past time to make sure all of them have a fighting chance.”

Watch the full video here.

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