[Waukesha, WI] – During a press conference on abortion on Wednesday, Gov. Tony Evers twice refused to answer what specific exceptions to abortion he’d support, only saying he wants to go back to before the Dobbs decision.

Candidate for governor Rebecca Kleefisch issued the following statement in response:

“Tony Evers asked ‘what the hell’ my proposal is. Well, governor, it’s quite simple: I’ll protect the lives of the unborn, support moms, and actually enforce the laws we have — something you have demonstrated you are incapable of doing.

“Evers is unwilling to answer for his radical position of abortion on demand without exception. Furthermore, he boasts about his extreme vetos allowing for abortion based on gender or disability and allowing doctors to refuse care of babies who survive abortions.”

Tony Evers signed on to a letter calling for passage of a federal bill to override state laws and allow abortion across America on demand without exception.

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