[Waukesha, Wis.] — Rebecca Kleefisch sat down with The Center Square to discuss her detailed plan to cut taxes for Wisconsin families and make Wisconsin’s tax climate one of the best in the Midwest.

Kleefisch’s plan seeks to push taxpayers toward a 3.54% flat income tax on the way to eliminating the state income tax completely. The tax cut will make Wisconsin the most income taxpayer-friendly state compared to its neighbors. Kleefisch also signed the Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayer Protection Pledge, memorializing her commitment to oppose net tax increases.

Kleefisch’s tax plan stands in stark contrast with gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels’ lack of answers on taxes. Michels said he didn’t know what the best plan for income tax reform in Wisconsin would be, but said he would “get the smart tax people in the room.”

Read more about Rebecca Kleefisch’s plans to lower taxes hereRead excerpts from both interviews below.

The Center Square Interviews Rebecca KleefischRebecca Kleefisch can, and will, explain her tax plan in minute detail if you let her… 

Kleefisch said her new job creation focus lies with changing Wisconsin’s tax structure.

“We’re going to push everyone through a 3.54% flat income tax, on our way to eliminating the income tax,” Kleefisch said. “We’ve got to compete with all of our surrounding states, and at 3.54% which is our lowest bracket, we will beat everyone around us.”

A number of conservative groups, as well as former Gov. Walker, want to eliminate Wisconsin’s personal income tax. Kleefisch said she wants to get there, but is worried about raising other taxes too high.

She also wants to end Wisconsin’s personal property tax, and usher in a new round of welfare reform that she says will get people back to work.

The Center Square Interviews Tim Michels [Michels] stopped short of promising to eliminate Wisconsin’s personal income tax, but promised to “get the smart tax people in the room” and figure out what the best tax plan is.

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