[Milwaukee, Wis.] — Wisconsin Republican candidate for governor Rebecca Kleefisch won the TMJ4 debate on Sunday evening, demonstrating that she is the only proven conservative candidate for governor ready to beat Tony Evers.


“Rebecca Kleefisch won tonight’s debate by showing exactly how she’s ready to stand up for Wisconsin’s conservative values and take Tony Evers to task for his failures over the last four years,” said Charles Nichols, Rebecca for Governor campaign manager. “Voters don’t need to wonder whether Rebecca will stand up to the radical Left, she’s already done it. Wisconsin can’t afford to gamble on Tim Michels, whose words and actions just don’t match up.” 


Rebecca Kleefisch’s track record is standing up for conservative values when the going got tough:

  • When 100,000 protesters tried to stop conservatives from enacting reform to balance the budget, Rebecca Kleefisch didn’t back down.
  • Rebecca didn’t back down when roadbuilders ran ads trying to scare the Walker/Kleefisch administration into raising the gas tax. She stood on principle.
  • While protesters came to stop right-to-work, Rebecca Kleefisch stood proudly when Scott Walker signed worker freedom into law.
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