[Middleton, Wis.] — With a majority of the vote at nearly 55 percent, the Republican Party of Wisconsin grassroots strongly backed Rebecca Kleefisch for governor at its convention on Saturday.

“I got my start in politics as a grassroots mom in the Tea Party movement,” Rebecca said. “So now I’d like to thank the activists of the Republican Party of Wisconsin — the phone callers, the door knockers, the backbone of our movement — for their support. Without them, our conservative campaigns wouldn’t have the infrastructure necessary to beat Tony Evers this fall.

“We need a governor who’s ready on Day One to get Wisconsin back on track, back the badge, and put parents back in charge of our schools. I am the only candidate in this race with the experience, grassroots support, and consistent conservative backbone necessary to beat Tony Evers and deliver.”

“Rebecca has always been one of us,” said Marquell Moorer, newly elected Waukesha School Board member. “She began as a mom, concerned about the direction of Wisconsin during the Tea Party movement. She was grassroots before it was cool, and she never changed. I’m thrilled to see so many people support her today.”

“I’m proud to see so many grassroots activists support Rebecca Kleefisch at convention,” said Tim Higgins, grassroots activist from Outagamie County. “She’s always stayed true to her convictions, doesn’t back down and is the candidate we all need to get behind to beat Tony Evers.”

“Rebecca is the only candidate in this race who’s ready to lead on Day One to secure our vote, curb skyrocketing crime, put parents back in charge of education, and get Wisconsin back to work,” said Carol Cady, Republican Party volunteer from Vilas County. “As governor, she’ll be a true champion of our conservative grassroots causes.”

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