Last week, the Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney’s office announced indictments in its “largest drug case in recent history,” seizing over $1 million in fentanyl (12 kilos) which had come, in part, from Mexico. The day before, the office of the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio announced indictments of a drug ring planning to distribute “16 kilograms of fentanyl” in the Akron area.

The men and women in law enforcement who worked tirelessly to bust these drug rings deserve utmost praise for cleaning these drugs off our streets. But the fact remains that, under Mike DeWine’s leadership, Ohio has become a haven for drug trafficking, and Biden’s open border is making it worse.

DeWine promised to tackle Ohio’s drug crisis in his last campaign. Instead, it’s gotten worse. The Port of Cincinnati has become a “top target” for drug smugglers. Ohio has one of the worst death rates from drug overdoses in the entire country. Local jurisdictions routinely report seizing record-breaking amounts of drugs off the streets. Meanwhile, DeWine continues to sit on his hands in conservatives’ fight to secure the southern border, where so much fentanyl is flowing from. It makes sense: DeWine voted to give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants and grant them Social Security benefits when he was in the Senate. Why should voters trust him to take tough action now?

Jim Renacci released the following statement:

“As long as our southern border remains wide open to crime, human trafficking, and drugs, Ohio will always be fighting the drug crisis with one hand tied behind its back. Without President Trump in the White House, now more than ever we need Republican governors to step up and use the executive branch to tackle illegal immigration head on, which DeWine is unwilling to do. Governors like Ron DeSantis or Greg Abbott are leading the way, while Ohio is stuck with amnesty-voting RINO Mike DeWine. I pledge as Governor to use every tool at my office’s disposal and work with the state legislature to DEFUND sanctuary cities and make Ohio a zero-tolerance state for illegal immigration.”

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