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Kornblum Campaign Ads Highlight Lazar’s failed record

Today, the Kornblum Campaign released television and digital ads that highlight the differences between Incumbent Court of Appeals Judge Kornblum’s record as a judge and prosecutor, with Maria Lazar’s disturbing judicial record. The Kornblum ads come in the wake of Maria Lazar’s attack ads that began airing late last week.

Judge Lori Kornblum was a prosecutor for more than 20 years, (1992-2014), focused on protecting children and families, on the needs of victims, and on keeping communities safe.

 Here are the facts about Maria Lazar’s record that Lazar doesn’t want voters to know:

  • Maria Lazar sentenced a convicted rapist, of a violent offense against an acquaintance, to only few months in Waukesha County jail despite prosecutors recommending seven years in prison. (Waukesha County Case Number 2018CF000482)
  • At the sentencing hearing, Maria Lazar said at least the rapist “didn’t hold a knife to the throat of someone he didn’t know and raped her.”  (Oconomowoc Enterprise 7/2/2020)

“Maria Lazar cannot defend her failings as a judge and she is trying desperately to distract attention from them,” said Kornblum campaign manager Melissa Mulliken. “Her woefully inadequate sentence for a convicted rapist along with her shocking disregard for a women victim and the minimizing of her trauma show that Maria Lazar lacks the judgement, temperament, and ability to serve the people of Wisconsin on the Court of Appeals.”

The initial week of ads, running on broadcast, cable, and digital channels throughout the 12 counties in the Court of Appeals District 2, is the beginning of a six figure buy.

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