MILWAUKEE, WI – Milwaukee’s Nash Park loyal civilian, nonprofit advocate, and small business owner, Lamont Westmoreland, has announced his candidacy for Alderman in Milwaukee’s 5th District.

After many years dedicated to building and running his own business, Westmoreland has decided to make his community a priority and put his business aside, fully committing to the needs of Nash Park and beyond.

Westmoreland has a strong background in non-profit work, being an advocate and educator for those needing assistance from various state programs. His work to help the financial challenges of his clients through small business (SBA) lending lead to making his clients’ dreams come true by quarterbacking business acquisitions, new construction, franchise financing and business expansion loans from $100,000 to $5 million at a top 5 producing SBA lender in the country.

Westmoreland is devoted to working with the community to improve the community, “Although I love the business that I have built – I am fully ready to hand the keys of responsibility off, to fully commit my attention and effort to district 5 – because the district needs me more than my business does. I love people. All different types of people. I love to talk and learn how we can all work together to improve district 5.”

Many communities in Milwaukee have been burdened by crime, violence and housing issues. Westmoreland vows to focus his efforts on vehicle theft, reckless driving and housing challenges such as absentee landlords. Westmoreland plans to address these issues – “I think parts of our district are definitely some of the best and safest parts of Milwaukee with great parks (that need more patrol and better utilization), but there is a lot of work to be done.”

Westmoreland is dedicated to the district’s biggest challenges.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Westmoreland resides in Nash Park with his wife of 18 years, Samantha, and two children, Julian and Farrah. As a devoted family man and basketball aficionado, Westmoreland enjoys all aspects of the game. From coaching middle school and varsity to entering his 13th season officiating games, he is also in the stands with his family, cheering for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Westmoreland looks forward to listening and collaborating with the community to make district five a
safe and thriving community for all.

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