Milwaukee – Yesterday, Alex Lasry appeared on MSNBC to highlight his significant rise in the polls over the past several months and to discuss about why he’s the best choice to take on Ron Johnson in November.

Since last fall, Alex Lasry has climbed over twenty points in the polls, and the most recent data has also shown that a majority of Democratic Primary voters believe he’s the best candidate to beat Ron Johnson in Wisconsin’s U.S. Senate race this year. Lasry credits his quick rise to his economic messaging.

The primary is now tied because “voters see our economic message and are looking for a change,” said Alex Lasry. He also slammed Ron Johnson by stating “for the last twelve years Ron Johnson has done nothing other than benefit himself and his friends.”


.@MitchellReports“On inflation & WI Sen race, @AlexLasryWI: “Since day one we’ve been talking about how to put money back in people’s pockets. And this is one of the areas that we differ with Ron Johnson on greatly. Johnson passed a tax cut that just benefited himself and his friends.” #AMRstaff”

.@AlexLasry“Wisconsinites are looking for a change and know they deserve 2 Senators fighting for them.

I’m the best chance we’ve got to kick out self-serving Ron Johnson.”

The Democratic Primary Election for the United States Senate will be held Tuesday, August 9th, 2022. For more information about Alex Lasry’s campaign, visit

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